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Flame Tree and Me......
How Flame Tree came to be...
Hi, my name is Justine. I have always held a passion for unique and eclectic home decor products and a desire to be a small business owner. 
After years of wishful thinking and tossing ideas around, fate intervened and provided me with the opportunity and courage to set up my own business. Copious cups of coffee and rambling conversations with friends and family started the ball rolling and laid the groundwork for my dream to become a reality. Flame Tree Home Décor Artisans is the culmination of those conversations.
The name Flame Tree came in a flash of inspiration. l was throwing around ideas, some were possibilities, others were completely ridiculous, but none of them truly epitomized what l was striving for. Then, on one Spring morning in Cairo, where l lived for 23 years, I was at work gazing out the window thinking to myself how much l loved flame trees with their canopy of green leaves and bright red flowers.
They are found all over Cairo providing much needed shade and colour to what is typically a rather dusty landscape. Suddenly it hit me that Flame Tree would be a great name for my business as flame trees are found in both Cairo and the Australian outback. So, in a rather clichéd fashion those fiery coloured trees lit a spark and my company had a name.
And me......
Until 2019, I lived in the urban metropolis of Cairo, Egypt, a city with the same population as all of Australia. Rather a sobering thought but something that doesn’t really hit home until it takes hours to get anywhere as the rest of Cairo is also out and about trying to get to their destinations too. Driving in Cairo traffic is a unique challenge.
Cairo was home for 23 years and during my time there l worked in tourism and health care, lived through 2 revolutions, married and moved house 12 times (could be more but l lost count). Over the course of my years in Egypt l came across many unique and eclectic home décor products made by amazing people with incredible skills and stories. These people are true artisans, their skills passed down from generation to generation and honed over years of practice.
After years of bringing home gifts for family and friends, who can’t get enough of the quality and uniqueness of these home wares, l thought it was time for others to enjoy them as well.. So l am starting with these stunning glass baubles and glassware. l hope you love them as much as l do.

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